Assam Governor Gulab Chand Kataria adopts 10 TB patients


Assam Governor Gulab Chand Kataria has adopted 10 tuberculosis patients for six months as part of Nikshay Mitra, a community support initiative for TB Patients under Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan.

He made this announcement at a program held in Raj Bhavan in Guwahati on Saturday.

It may be mentioned that Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat Abhiyaan is a step towards garnering community support towards the TB patient-centric health system.

To accelerate the progress in this initiative, the Assam Governor appealed to all sections of the society for adopting TB patients and donate generously to TB patients through the Nikshay Mitra programme.

He said that every citizen should come out and support the noble cause of providing nutritional support to TB patients.

“Let us make this campaign successful by making Pradhan Mantri TB Mukt Bharat campaign a mass movement,” the Governor added.

As part of the program, the Governor handed over the prescribed food basket to the health officials to be delivered to the patients.

Commissioner and Secretary to the Governor, SS Meenakshi Sundaram, MD, NHM, Laxmipriya and officials from NHM and Raj Bhavan were present during the function.