Assam: Karate Gold Medallist Appeals for Better Training Facilities


Rajina Gowala, a tribal girl from Dibrugarh, who won a gold medal in the 11th South Asian Ashihara Karate Championship 2022, has requested the government to provide some facilities for her training.

She says that she could not attend regular classes because she had to work during the day.

Gowala has been learning karate for the last 7 years and takes karate classes early in the morning. 

The 11th South Asian Ashihara Karate Championship 2022 was held at Chalsa Gayanath Vidyapath High school, West Bengal frrom June 24 to June 26.

“Earlier, I used to go to school but some circumstances happened that I had to leave school. I wanted to do something good too. So then I saw that Bhuyan sir was  teaching Karate to everyone here. So it makes me feel like I should also do this. I request the government to  provide some facilities” she added. 

Her coach Tapan Bhuyan also asked the government to provide some funds and equipment to the gold medallist for better training.

Tapan Bhuyan, Rajina Gowala’s Karate Instructor said, “We request the government to give some facilities to this player. The road ahead is still long and there are some problems too. As we do not have the equipment to train.” 


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