Assam: Over 20 vultures found dead in Sivasagar; Reason unknown


As many as 24 vultures were found dead under mysterious circumstances in Assam’s Sivasagar district on Monday.

The incident took place in the Garkuch Naojaan area.

According to the reports, locals found the carcasses near a field in the Garkuch Naojaan area of Sivasagr in Assam and immediately informed forest officials.

The forest department officials rushed to the spot and found 24 vultures lifeless and 8 of them were rescued and sent to the hospital for treatment.

A forest official of Sivasagar district said that at least 24 vultures were found dead near the field.

The forest department after a primary investigation has suspected that the vultures died of food poisoning. A carcass of cattle was also found in the area, informed the forest department official. While 8 vultures were rescued and sent to the hospital for treatment.

“We suspect that the vultures died due to food poisoning. We also found a carcass of cattle. We have rescued eight vultures and sent them to hospital for treatment,” the forest official said.

An investigation is underway to find the cause of death of so many vultures under unknown circumstances. 

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