Assam rolls out draft State Disaster Management Plan


The Assam government on Thursday released the draft Assam State Disaster Management Plan (ASDMP) 2022 and sought public comment on the same, Revenue and Disaster Management Minister Jogen Mohan said.

Releasing the Plan online, Mohan said the draft ASDMP (Volume-I and II) will be kept at for 15 days for general comment on the same by the public.

“Any individual can share the comment suggestion through the email [email protected],” he said at a press conference.

The updated version of ASDMP 2022 provides a framework and guidance to the state government agencies and other stakeholders for managing disasters in accordance with the national and state level plans, and priorities within the larger context of India’s global commitments, Mohan said.

He further said that this Plan largely follows the National Disaster Management Plan (NDMP-2019) format and template with some modifications for adapting it to the state-level requirements.

“The ASDMP 2022 comprises two volumes. Volumes-I is ‘Perspective Plan’, which lays down the guiding principles, approach and strategy considering the DRR context, issues and challenges of Assam.

“Volume-II is the ‘Strategic Action Plan’, which comprises three chapters emphasising the implementation aspect of the Plan,” Mohan said.


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