Former Afghan Minister Works as Pizza Delivery Man in Germany 

Afghan Minister

Afghanistan’s Former Communications and Information Technology Minister Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat was recently spotted delivering pizzas in Germany’s Streets of Leipzig wearing Orange clothing and carrying a delivery bag. 

The former minister is an Oxford graduate who holds two degrees in Communication and Electronic Engineering 

For six hours on weekdays and from noon to 10 pm on Saturdays and Sundays, Sadaat delivers pizzas or other orders to customers. “There is no shame in the job at all. Work is work,” he says. “If there is a job, it means there is public demand… someone has to do it,” he said.

The 50-year-old said he quit his post because he was fed up with corruption in the government. “When doing the job as a minister there was a difference between the president’s close circle and myself,” he explained.

He was a Cabinet minister in the Ashraf Ghani-led Afghan government in 2018. Later, he served as Afghanistan’s IT Minister for two years before resigning in 2020 due to disagreements with the Country’s then President Ashraf Ghani. He is one of thousands of Afghans who have found a home in Germany over the last years.

Sadaat said he does not regret his decision to move to Germany. “I know this challenge is for a short time, it is until I can get another job,” he said, touting the physical benefits of cycling 1,200 kilometres (745 miles) every month.