Kamakhya Devalaya to have Golden Pots Atop its Dome

The Kamakhya Devalaya management announced that the Kamakhya Devalaya atop Nilachal Hills in Guwahati will soon be decorated with three big kolohs (pots) of gold on the main dome of the temple which will be presented by Reliance Group, owned by Mukesh Ambani.

The Reliance group has donated 20 kilograms of gold for the purpose and the work is likely to be completed before Diwali. The Reliance Industries Ltd has sent its engineers and artisans for completing the project, which is being supervised by the Reliance Jewels. About three months ago, Mukesh Ambani approached the Kamakhya Devalaya management committee about the offering of gold to the temple. Only after a detailed discussion with the Committee, Ambani sent the gold from Mumbai to Shaktipeeth Kamakhya Devalaya with tight security.

The security of the temple has been made extremely tight and the Reliance group had already started decorating the temple before Durga Puja. After decorating the main dome of the Kamakhya Devalaya with gold, the appearance of the Devalaya will shine in a new form, which is now awaited by all the devotees.