PM Modi Unveils ‘Statue of Peace’ in Rajasthan

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the “Statue of Peace” in Rajasthan’s Pali district via video-conferencing on Monday to mark the 151st birth anniversary celebrations of Jain monk Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh Surishwer Ji Maharaj.

The 151-inch-tall statue is made of “ashtadhatu” (eight metals with copper being the major constituent) and is being installed at the Vijay Vallabh Sadhana Kendra, Jetpura, in Rajasthan’s Pali, an official statement said. While inaugurating the statue PM Narendra Modi said, “India has been an example of humanity, the path of peace, non-violence and fraternity for the whole world. The world looks forward to India,” he said.

Shree Vallabh Surishwer Ji Maharaj, lived during 1870-1954, led an austere life, working selflessly and dedicatedly to spread the message of Lord Mahavira. He worked relentlessly for the welfare of the masses, in educating and eradicating social evils, wrote inspiring literature (poetry, essays, devotional hymns and stavans) and gave active support in the freedom movement and in the cause of the swadeshi.