Sonam Wangchuk urges PM Modi for Climate Mitigation


Social reformist from Ladakh Sonam Wangchuk, whose life story inspired the Bollywood film 3 Idiots, has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi for ensuring the safety and protection of Ladakh’s glaciers.

Sonam Wangchuk stressed that if the carelessness continued, the glaciers here would become extinct, thus creating enormous problems due to water scarcity in India and its neighbourhood.

“If measures are not taken, the industries, tourism, and commerce will continue to flourish in Ladakh and will eventually finish it. Recent studies from Kashmir University and other research organisations have concluded that glaciers in Leh-Ladakh will finish nearly to its 2/3rd if they are not properly taken care of. A study by Kashmir University has found that the glaciers surrounded by highways and human activities are melting at a comparatively faster rate,” Wangchuk said.

“Global warming due to America and Europe alone is not responsible for this climate change, but the local pollution and emissions are equally responsible for this. In areas like Ladakh, there should be minimal human activities so that the glaciers can remain intact for the locals here and the country across,” he continued.

Further, stressing the need for the adoption of sustainable development, the engineer-turned-education reformer appealed to PM Modi to ensure the protection of Ladakh and other Himalayan regions from “industrial exploitation”. It will help safeguard the lives and employment of the people, he added.

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