Taliban Blows Up Slain Hazara Leader Abdul Ali Mazari’s Statue in Bamiyan


Taliban have blown up slain Hazara leader Abdul Ali Mazari’s statue in Bamiyan, a grim reminder of the destruction of Bamiyan Buddhas during its previous tenure.

Mazari was a Hazara leader who was executed by the Taliban in 1995. Taliban over the years has been repeatedly attacking Hazaras.

The Hazaras are an ethnic group that is mainly concentrated in the mountainous central region of Afghanistan known as Hazarajat. The Hazaras are said to be descendants of Genghis Khan, the founder of the Mongol empire, and the Mongol soldiers who swept through the region in the 13th century.

“Hazara sources confirm Salima Mazari is now in Taliban custody. She is the Hazara district Governor of Chaharkint, Balkh,” tweeted a Hazara group.

Earlier, the Taliban announced a “general amnesty” for all Afghan government officials and urged them to return to work, including women corresponding with Sharia law.

But, the older generations remember the ultraconservative Islamic regime that saw regular stoning, amputations and public executions during Taliban rule before the US-led invasion that followed the September 11, 2001, terror attacks.

The Taliban have ruled in accordance with a harsh interpretation of Islamic law and though the terrorist outfit has sought to project greater moderation in recent years, many Afghans remain sceptical.