Tripura: Excise Dept conducts raids to curb illicit liquor sale ahead of polls

illicit liquor

Ahead of the Assembly elections in Tripura, the State Excise Organization has been conducting raids to curb illicit liquor selling, manufacturing and transportation on a daily basis.

The raids are conducted as per the direction of the Election commission of India.

As per the report, the Excise Organization seized 225.705 litres of illicit liquor on Sunday throughout the State whose value stands at Rs 83,338. Two cases have been registered for violation of Excise law.

After the date of announcement of the poll i.e. on January 18, the State Excise Organization seized a total of 6446.175 litres of illicit liquor so far the value of which stands to total Rs 13,98,600. A total of 29 cases have been registered so far and 10 people were arrested.

The Assembly elections are scheduled to be held in Tripura on February 16. 

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