WhatsApp to put its privacy policy on hold until data privacy law passes

WhatsApp informed the Delhi High Court on Friday that it will not impair the functioning of its messaging service if a user refuses to subscribe to its updated privacy policy, and that it will keep this policy in place at least until the upcoming data protection Bill takes effect. The Centre has already ordered WhatsApp to change its policy.

“We will continue to display our updates from time to time to people who have not accepted. In addition, we will display the update whenever a user chooses relevant optional features, like when a user communicates with a business receiving support from Facebook,” Senior Advocate Harish Salve, representing WhatsApp, told the court.

Salve stated in court that “the update that prompted the CCI inquiry is for the present… we have voluntarily consented to put it on hold.” He also stated that if Parliament does not allow such a policy in the future, WhatsApp would either cease its operations in India or will not apply it.