Taliban attack Imran Khan, call him ‘ISI puppet’; NRF gets anti-tank missiles


The Taliban have been in power in Afghanistan for five months, but the National Resistance Force (NRF) is still fighting them, determined to remove the extremists from power. The NRF has released a video message that has gone viral on social media, in which they urge Afghans not to remain silent.

In a separate audio message, NRF leader Ahmad Massoud clarified that their fight is for Afghanistan’s complete independence, not for a specific ethnic group or geography.

NRF fighters now have anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM) to destroy Taliban vehicles, according to photos circulating on social media.

According to reports, the missiles are guided by advanced targeting systems that follow the target until it is hit.

Meanwhile, a Taliban spokesman dismissed allegations made by female activist Tamana Paryani, who claimed that Taliban fighters broke into her Kabul home and arrested her. Suhail Shaheen, the activist’s spokesperson, told the BBC that the activist made the video in order to seek asylum in another country. He stated, “There was no incident like this.”

On Wednesday night, ten armed men claiming to be from the Taliban intelligence department stormed Paryani’s apartment, smashing the door in and arresting the activist and her three sisters, according to an eyewitness. On Sunday, she was one of about 25 women who took part in an anti-Taliban protest against women’s wearing of the Islamic headscarf, or hijab.

Paryani appeared terrified and breathless in a video posted on social media moments before the raid, screamed for help.

To counter the Paryana-led demonstration, the Taliban organised a women’s “protest” in Kabul on Thursday in support of burqa/hijab.

Taliban leaders have also attacked Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, accusing him of being an ISI puppet. “Such a government is attempting to incite Afghan nationalists to fight the Islamic Emirates. “This is one of their goals,” a Taliban spokesman told a local television station.

He also predicted that Pakistan would soon collapse and be placed on the FATF’s blacklist.

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