Pig kidneys works in human patient; US surgeon hails it as”potential miracle”

Pig kidney works in human patient

A US medical team has succeeded in temporarily attaching a pig kidney to a person in a groundbreaking transplant, according to news agency AFP. The surgery, which took place on September 25, was described by the surgeon who performed it as a “potential miracle.”

According to AFP, the surgery involved a genetically modified donor animal and a brain dead patient on a ventilator whose family had agreed to the two-day experiment in the name of science.

The pig kidneys was connected to blood vessels on the top of one of the patient’s legs so that doctors could examine it and take biopsy samples.

The patient wanted to be an organ donor, but their organs weren’t suitable, according to Montgomery. The family, on the other hand, “felt relieved that this was another opportunity for donation,” he said. Following the 54-hour test, the patient was taken off the ventilator and died.

Following the surgery, the organ was found to be able to lower the level of the molecule creatinine, which is a key indicator of kidney health.

Pig kidneys have been found to be viable in nonhuman primates for up to a year, according to previous research. This was, however, the first time the procedure had been tried on a human patient. The donor pig came from a herd that had undergone genetic editing to eliminate a gene that produces a specific sugar.

“It’s still unclear what will happen in three weeks, three months, or three years,” Montgomery said. “Moving this into a living human trial is the only way we’ll be able to truly answer that question. But, in my opinion, this is a critical intermediate step that indicates that, at least initially, everything will be fine.”


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