To cope with oppressive heat, Dubai generates fake rain

Dubai is experiencing a scorching summer. In fact, the temperature in the area reached 50 degrees Celsius at one point. The UAE’s National Center of Meteorology devised a strategy to combat the heat, which resulted in a monsoon-like downpour on the roadways.

Cloud seeding, a drone technology, is used to create the enhanced rain, according to the Daily Mail.
The cutting-edge technology shocks clouds, causing them to clump together and produce precipitation.
A video of the deluge was also posted on the National Centre of Meteorology’s official Twitter account.
As the automobiles drive through the downpour, the film shows rain pouring down on a motorway.

A few months ago, while talking about the technology, Alya Al-Mazroui, director of the UAE‘s rain-enhancement science-research program, told Arab News, “Equipped with a payload of electric-charge emission instruments and customised sensors, these drones will fly at low altitudes and deliver an electric charge to air molecules, which should encourage precipitation.”