Arunachal: Bailey bridge connecting Dibang Valley collapses

The Amboli bailey bridge over the Dri River in Dibang Valley district collapsed on Tuesday at around 12 noon, disconnecting the district from the rest of the country. However, official sources informed that an alternate road has been opened for commuters via the Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) road.

It was also informed that a truck driver, identified as Monoj Mogar received minor injuries and was admitted to the district hospital in Anini.

This is the main bridge that connects Amuli village and Anini Township. It is expected to be reconstructed within two weeks. While officials claim that the bridge collapsed due to overloading, locals informed that the bridge had collapsed in 2010 as well and it took about six months to rebuild.

“In 2010, the same bridge had collapsed and a road block had taken place between Roing to Anini. Those were very hard days. Prices of commodities had shot up drastically during the time. A litre of petrol was Rs 500 and a packet of salt as well as Maggi were selling for Rs 100 each at the time,” a local resident informed.

This is the second bridge to fall within ten days’ time. The under-construction steel arch bridge over the Kumey River collapsed at Kuwa Camp on the Gangte-Tali road on 28 March.