Arunachal: Filmmaker Thongdok Nominated For Best Cinematographer

Arunachal Pradesh Filmmaker Kezang D Thongdok has been nominated by Roshani International Film Festival 2021 under the category of ‘Best Cinematographers’. He is the director of ‘Chi Lupo’, a short documentary based on the custom of honey-hunting among the Sherdukpen tribe of West Kameng district.

Kezang hails from Rupa, West Kameng district. Considered an acclaimed documentary filmmaker from Northeast India, Thongdok has directed more than 30 regional video albums. He has also worked on several films as an assistant director (AD) and worked closely with Doordarshan.

His documentary, Chi Lupo won the best documentary award during 10th Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, 2020 in New Delhi. Shot in June and July 2019 during summer honey hunting expeditions, the 26-minute documentary speaks about the honey hunting tribe and its disappearing skills.

Narrated in English, the documentary is accompanied by traditional music in the background.

It portrays the lifestyle of the Sherdukpen tribe. The community is highly dependent on collecting honey and is known for using its properties for medicine production and for preparing delicacies.

Kezang D Thongdok, the director and cinematographer of ‘Chi Lupo’ has recently been nominated along with four other cinematographers by the Roshani International Film Festival. Three hails from India and One from Bangladesh.

The Roshani International Film Festival 2021 will be held on Friday July 16, 2021 at 12 PM.

Courtesy: NET