Arunachal: Governor BD Mishra Extends Unying Aran Greetings

Unying Aran

Arunachal Pradesh Governor BD Mishra has extended greetings to the people of the state, particularly the Adi tribe, on the occasion of Unying Aran, and expressed hope that the festival would promote an ideal balance between traditions and environmental necessities.

“Unying Aran is one of the most popular festivals of the Adi community. I am sanguine that our Adi elders will continue to urge the younger generations to emulate the excellent social traditions of yore and environmental preservation prevalent in their community,” the governor said in his message, and prayed for perpetual peace, progress and prosperity for one and all. 

Unying Aran is one of the oldest festivals of the Adi community commemorating the arrival of spring season.

It is celebrated on 7th March to herald the season of shifting cultivation. In this festival, it is customary for all male members of a family to go on a hunting spree (open season) and stay in the jungles for one week.

When they return home they come back with various kills such as deers, birds, squirrels, fish etc. The children perform “Yakjong” (house to house) wearing colorful traditional attire and bless the house where they perform.


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