Arunachal: Leprosy Awareness Campaign 2021 launches in Durpang

SPARSH Leprosy Awareness Campaign 2021 was launched at the Durpang Health and Wellness Centre on Saturday, commemorating the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi on Martyrdom  Day.

Speaking on the occasion Jt. Director (NLEP), DR(Mrs) Rina Das Tabiyo, urged everyone to be aware of Leprosy, its sign and symptoms, preventive intervention and to avail free drugs, MDT (Multi Drug Therapy) as supplied by GOI which is available in every health facilities.

Since Leprosy is a curable disease, the myth prevalent earlier that it was a sin or curse to have leprosy, needs to be eradicated and only the  need of the hour is to spread more awareness and IECs to the common citizens. District Leprosy Officer Dr. Tana Aruna administered the pledge to make Arunachal Leprosy Free  ”Khust ke Virudh, Aakhri Yudh” .

Skin camp was also organized on the spot wherein Dr S Majumder (Dermatologist) from TRIHMS treated many people with different skin problems. Meanwhile Leprosy survivors were also felicitated and they shared  their experiences with diseases and in line of treatment, one of the patients urged the common public for early diagnosis and treatment before the disability sets in.