Arunachal: Magi Villagers Repair Damaged link road in Lower Siang Dist

Magi Villagers repair a damaged portion of the link road from the Aalo-Likabali highway to Magi village with the help of volunteers and donations raised from the residents, the business communities and government officers of the area.

The Magi village is located 10 kms from Likabali, the headquarters of Lower Siang district. Advisor to the Magi Village Welfare Committee, Sengo Dini lauded the voluntary work done by the villagers and advised them to be “role models in delivering welfare activities without waiting for government assistance to come.” About a hundred metres of the damaged portion were upgraded into cement pavement by the committee from 17 to 20 November.

The road, which is the lifeline for Magi and Kane villages, had been causing difficulties to commuters, including government officers, because of the damages. The voluntary work was led by engineer Yumri Dini, Monya Dini, Moi Dini and Magi HGB Jumdam Dini.