Bamang Felix Inaugurates CC Bridges in Kurung Kumey Dist

Arunachal Pradesh Home minister Bamang Felix inaugurated two bridges in Nyobia and Sangram circle in Kurung Kumey district on Tuesday. The two bridges were constructed over Payin river, measuring 15 meter and Panyiu river measuring 45 meter.

Speaking on the occasion, Felix said that the bridge over river Payin will not only connect several villages in Nyobia circle but would also act as a passage to Parsi Parlo circle in Koloraing constituency while the bridge on river Panyiu will connect Nyobia circle with Sangram circle. He further laid down his plans to prioritise connectivity and other important infrastructural development related to power supply, water supply, education and health. He also mentioned that in his effort to bring development in these sectors he will need the cooperation of the people. The minister said that “any development would only complete smoothly  if all sections of society including government officers and public leaders support the executing agency, and the department.

The ceremony was also attended by Kurung Kumey DC Kento Riba, SP Minjum Ete, Nyapin ADC Otem Jamoh, Sangram SDO Tsering Pentsom Monpa, Nyoba CO Pemiya Mikro, EAC Dr. Dana Una, Phassang CO Afa Phassang DIPRO Ringu Takap among others.