Chinese PLA Blindfolded, Electrocuted Arunachalee Youth in Custody

Miram Taron 

Arunachalee youth Miram Taron, who had been abducted by China’s PLA on 18 January from Lungta Jor area, reached home in Upper Siang district on Monday afternoon.

The Youth had been abducted when he was on a hunting trip with his friend Johny Yaying, who managed to escape from the scene and report the matter to the authorities.

The PLA handed Taron over to the Indian Army on 27 January at the Wacha-Damai interaction point in Kibithu in Anjaw district, where he underwent quarantine and completed legal formalities.

After being reunited with his family, Miram shared the ordeal he underwent in the PLA’s captivity.

Miram’s father Opang Taron informed that Miram is still traumatised by the whole event. It has come to light that the teenager was tied and blindfolded while in the custody of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) for more than a week.

“He is still disoriented from what we went through across the border. He was kicked in the back and given a mild electric shock initially,” Opang said.

“He was kept blindfolded most of the time and his hands were tied during captivity. They untied him only when it was time to eat or answer nature’s call. But they provided him with adequate food,” the father said.

It has also come to light that while Miram Taron was under the custody of the Chinese PLA, they brought one Lhoba tribesman who spoke Bokar language to interrogate Miram. 

“He does not properly understand the Bokar language. However, Miram did manage to pick up some points and had a brief interaction. Apart from it, there was literally no conversation between Miram and his abductors,” said Opang Taron.

Tapir Gao, the BJP’s Arunachal East constituency MP, had first tweeted about the “abduction” of the teen by the Chinese soldiers on January 19. 

It is to be mentioned that this is not the first time that the Chinese PLA had abducted people from Arunachal Pradesh. In September 2020, the PLA had allegedly caught five boys from Upper Subansiri district before releasing them after about a week, also at a border point in Anjaw district.

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