Daporijo-Taksing Travelling time to be only 8 hrs by April, says BRO

The ongoing road development by the Border Roads Organisations (BRO) in April next would reduce travelling 210-km from Daporijo to Taksing bordering China to eight hours on completion said a senior BRO engineer in response to complaint about slow work progress of double-lane Trans-Arunachal Highway.

In a two-point memorandum to Upper Subansiri DC recently, Siyom-Nacho-Limeking-Taksing Border Area Intellectual Forum president Tajit Nalo and Rakesh Nilo, on behalf of Kodukha, Siyum, Nacho, Limeking and Taksing administration block residents,  have protested against “woefully damaged road condition from Page Nalo to Kete Nallah BRTF road, a life line for the people and a defense road. 

The senior engineer also clarified that the field engineers have been working beyond capacity to build the road upto Indo-China border as the progress is being regularly monitored by BRO director general Lt General Rajeev Chaudhury. Moreover, considering the sensitivity of this defence road, it has been widened while constant maintenance works are being taken up to facilitate smooth ride by increasing manpower and machines, he said.

The BRO has not only given gainful employment to 500 local able bodied people, but its road has helped multi-faced development in close cooperation with local district administration. It is to be noted that during the COVID-19 induced lockdown, the BRO had extended all possible help including vehicles to transport food items to various locations.