Arunchal: Education dept approves introduction of Tagin as 3rd language in schools

Taba Tedir

Education Minister Taba Tedir stated that his department has approved the introduction of Tagin as a third language in Upper Subansiri district schools.

Tedir declared this during the Si-Donyi celebration here on Thursday, according to Dosh Dasi, chairman of the Central Si-Donyi Festival Celebration Committee.

Tedir requested that the Upper Subansiri DDSE implement Tagin as a third language in all schools, citing the education department’s approval of the Tagin language book provided by the Tagin Cultural Society.

Saying that “the sole motive of creating the department of indigenous affairs is to protect and preserve the age-old culture and traditions of the people of the state,” the minister urged the people of the community to protect, preserve and promote their rich cultural heritage.

Tedir stated that the indigenous affairs department has approved Rs 33 lakhs for the Si-Donyi celebration in Upper Subansiri. He also stated that the state administration has approved honoraria for 183 priests, which would be distributed shortly.

Previously, Tedir published a Si-Donyi festival history written by the festival celebration committee’s chairman and secretary, Reri Tago Dulom. Hage Appa praised the Tagins for their fluency in their native tongue and urged parents to teach their children about their culture and traditions.

Appa urged people to “cooperate with the Arunachal Indigenous Tribes Forum, which works for unity and promotes fraternity among indigenous people, among other things.” He also advised the public not to mix religions with festivals.

Taniya Soki, a local MLA, stated that Si-Donyi is celebrated not just for a bountiful crop, but also for the prosperity and well-being of the people.

“Without wish of the Si-Donyi, nothing is possible to achieve,” he said, and appealed to all sections of the society to have faith in Si-Donyi.

Thirty-two Punung teams competed, with the Donyi-Jarpu Punung troupe winning the group dance award. One of the primary attractions of the ceremony was a display of kony bokar (Tagin battle dance). At the location, thirty-two food stalls and seven emporiums were put up.

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