Rare Story of Arunachali Boy and his Pet Bear Cub, Luba

Every adoption story has the potential to make us believe in the good in people. These stories give us hope and fill our heart with warmth. Today we’d like to acquaint you with one such story of a 17-year-Old boy and his pet bear cub. The bear cub named Luba, lived in Arunachal Pradesh’s Aalo District. Luba was a month old when Terde Youmcha of Lipu Yomcha village brought her for Rs 1000. The bear cub would easily fit in his hands when Terde first bought her.

The people in the locality say that Terde has a gift with animals and birds. Luba, the bear cub was domestically reared and brought up by Terde Yomcha at his home in Yomcha. He looked after her for nine months, spending all his school stipend and money given by his parents. He loved the bear cub and took care of her like his own sister. They understood and bonded very well with each other. It is to be noted that unlike wild bears, Luba has been brought up on a vegetarian diet, preferring dal rice, cabbage, maize, tomato, sugarcane, milk and fruits.

Luba was an entertainer at Aalo; she was a sight for onlookers in her dress. She loved bathing in her aluminium tub and played with children. Many people came to visit her bearing gifts, and she loved the attention.

But unfortunately, the time had come for the boy to send off the bear cub as he plans to undertake his further studies at a college in Itanagar and there was nobody at home who could take care of Luba. Therefore, it was decided that he would hand her over to the Aalo forest division, who in turn would hand her over to the State Zoo in Itanagar.

“It hurts me to see her go. Please request the zoo authorities to take due care of my Luba and give me access to meet her at the Itanagar zoo.” said Terde, amid a tearful send-off while handing Luba to the forest officials. They both parted their ways, as Luba headed to the state zoo in Itanagar and Terde went to college in the same city. We hope that Luba is provided a safe haven at the Itanagar Zoo and Terde is granted access to visit her often.