Satellite survey for Yingkiong-Bishing Highway Completed: Alo Libang

Arunachal Pradesh Health and Family Welfare Minister Alo Libang said that the satellite survey for the 150-km Yingkiong-Bishing National Highway has been completed. Officials of the National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (NHIDCL) are to arrive to check the project to fast track it, the health minister said during his visit to the interior area.

It may be mentioned that residents of 10 villages have decided not to claim compensation for their land for construction of a road in order to fast track connectivity in October 2019. Residents of the border villages of Gette, Pugging, Likor, Palling, Singging, Angging, Zido, Ngaming, Mayung and Bishing had decided to not claim compensation for the land that fall under the 150-km-long Yingkiong-Bishing two-lane highway.

The formation cutting of 18-km out of a total 35-km stretch has already been completed. While interacting with the Army personnel stationed at Bishing, Libang praised the special relationship between the civilians and the Army. He said the civilians and Army should help each other. He further says that the Indian Army had helped the locals in the electrification of the villages by helping in transportation of items from Aalo, West Siang district recently.