Sensitization Programme on LGBTQIAP+ held in Arunachal


The Oju Welfare Association (OWA), which runs the Women Helpline-181, held a day-long sensitization event on LGBTQIAP problems, with the topic “understanding the LGBTQ+ group through a psycho-social perspective.”

It was organised by the Arunachal Pradesh queer station (APQS) in collaboration with a psycho-social support group under the aegis of All Arunachal Pradesh Psychological Association (AAPPA) in OWA campus.

Attending the event as a chief guest Capital Complex SP Jimmy Chiram said that such gatherings would make people more aware of the social situation and encourage them to talk about it.

“The LGBTQ+ is very new in our society and we are late in discussing their legal rights. We must make everyone understand sensitively and have pride in ourselves as good human beings. The biggest identity we have is human being and we have to think of the next person as a human being and treat them accordingly,” he said.

He also stated that the LGBTQ+ community’s suffering is mirrored throughout society, and he hopes that this will improve in the future.

Highlighting the relevance of ‘gender & sexuality and the significance of pronouns’, APQS founder Sawang Wangchha said that the issue of the sensitive LGBTQ+ community is still complex in this state. 

Many LGBTQ+ children and adults have remained silent for many reasons, including fear, hostility, loneliness, suicide ideation, and feeling misunderstood by society.


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