Assam cabinet approves proposal for dual medium of instruction in schools

Assam Cabinet on Thursday approved some major decisions with regard to the functioning of schools.

The cabinet approved the proposal for the introduction of a dual medium of instruction for Classes 6 to 12 in Assamese and vernacular medium schools under the state govt.

School authorities will be at liberty to introduce English without doing away with Assamese or any other vernacular language.

The decision also said that 5 to 10 schools would be identified in every district to introduce the dual medium and the number of schools would be increased gradually depending on the outcomes of the moves.

Assam Cabinet’s decision on Co-education in schools is an effort to ensure gender equality.

The Cabinet has approved a proposal for having co-education facilities in all schools under the state government, barring a few girls’ schools that have a rich history and tradition.

Apart from these, the Assam Cabinet has also decided that from the academic year 2023, Mathematics and Science subjects will be taught in English from class 3 in all government, provincialised Assamese, and other vernacular medium schools.

Meanwhile, In secondary schools, the cabinet decided to replace the social studies subject with two subjects, geography and history.



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