Assam: Man Chops Off Own Penis Under Marijuana Influence


In a shocking incident, a man chopped off his penis in Assam’s Sonitpur district, under the influence of cannabis. The incident first came to light when Md Sahajul Ali, a resident of Dekar village in Sonitpur district, smoked cannabis and in a state of psychosis, cut off his penis for the “greater good”. 

Ali is reported to be mentally disturbed and has indulged in similar bizarre acts earlier, including spending a night with a lion.

As per media reports, Ali not only consumes marijuana but also indulges in other hard drugs. However, the psychosis episode that cost him his organ took place under the influence of cannabis. 

Ali explained the reason behind his drastic step and said he chopped off his penis to repent for his sins. 

According to Ali, smoking pot is considered a sin in his religion, but he cannot do without the psychoactive drug. “My religion does not allow me to take cannabis. After I smoked it, I was worried that something bad was going to happen to society. I chopped off my penis for the greater good and to repent my action,” Ali said. 

Ali further says that if he survives the loss of his phallus, he will not budge from doing similar things again “for the greater good.”

According to Ali’s son, his father is mentally unstable and took the bizarre step out of fear of religion. Ali’s friend told the media that he has been indulging in such strange scenarios for many years now, including one time in 2003 when he reportedly spent a night with a lion.


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