Baisakhi Parva celebrates on April 14 with Ekta Diwas theme in Gangtok

‘Baisakhi Parva’, which starts the New Year for the Nepali speaking communities as per Bikram Sambat calendar, would be celebrated as ‘Ekta Diwas’ in Sikkim under the aegis of Nepali Sahitya Parishad (NSP), Sikkim.

NSP Sikkim president Rudra Poudyal stated that,’The first day of Baisakh month falls on April 14, the day when ‘Baisakhi Parva’ is being organised at Gangtok by a celebration committee under the banner of NSP Sikkim. The celebration as ‘Ekta Diwas’ will have participation of all the 21 communities of Sikkim to record our communal harmony and unity’.

In view of emerging Covid situation, the celebration would be held as per the existing Covid protocols notified by the State government. We will follow all the guidelines and if need be, we can reduce the number of participants to maintain social distancing and ensure that all wear facemasks and have hand sanitizers, later he added.

Chief Minister P.S. Golay would be the chief guest for the function with Speaker L.B. Das to chair the celebration.

Regarding if any new Covid restrictions are announced by the State government, the celebration committee said it is prepared for any eventuality and would go ahead with the celebration within the guidelines of the State government.