Basnet: Chamling opposing Sikkim’s development all alone from an empty party office

The recent India Today State of the States Awards 2021 ranked Sikkim first among small states in the areas of economy, law and order, and environment. “Sikkim is ahead of other States in various sectors as a result of the State government’s good governance and developmental programs, which are led by Chief Minister P.S. Golay. Sikkim came out on top in many categories at the recent India Today State of the States Awards,” said SKM chief coordinator (press-publicity and social media cell) Bikash Basnet in a press statement on Monday.

According to Basnet, due to the Chief Minister’s fiscal reforms, Sikkim was named the best performing state among smaller states in the economy.

Immediately after forming the SKM government, the Chief Minister implemented austerity measures to reduce government spending in order to improve Sikkim’s economic situation, according to Basnet. He noted that the previous administration spent crores of rupees on expensive vehicles for the Chief Minister, ministers, and MLAs. According to him, the new government eliminated this unnecessary expense by providing a common Scorpio vehicle for the Chief Minister, ministers, and MLAs.

According to the SKM functionary, the current government is also regularly cutting unnecessary government expenses and working to strengthen the State’s economy. Sikkim has risen to first place in the economy sector for the first time, he said, noting that the state had previously been ranked second in 2020 and 2019, and third in 2018.

For the people of Sikkim, seeing the SKM government’s consistent good performance in the field of economy is a source of pride, according to Basnet. He also stated that Sikkim has taken first place in terms of maintaining law and order.

“This is also the first time Sikkim has been ranked first in the law and order sector.” In 2020, Sikkim was ranked fifth, and in 2019 and 2018, it was ninth. The top ranking and performance in law and order is a strong rebuttal to opposition parties, particularly the SDF, which accuses the SKM government of breaking the law on a regular basis. According to Basnet, “the ranking clearly shows the improvement made in the law and order field during the two and a half years of SKM government.”

According to Basnet, Sikkim has made a huge leap in the agriculture rankings, and the SKM government will give the sector more importance and implement regular reforms in order to achieve the top spot. In this year’s Public Affairs Index Edition, Sikkim was also ranked first among small states, he said.

Former Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, according to Basnet, has failed to see Sikkim’s national-level achievements and rapid progress under the P.S.Golay government.

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