BJP attempts to build dictatorial rule: Manik Sarkar

Manik Sarkar, former Tripura chief minister, has claimed that the BJP is attempting to build a fascist and dictatorial rule in the state.

Meanwhile, Manik Sarkar, a four-time chief minister of the Left Front, was in Delhi to bring attention to the ongoing violence against opposition leaders in Tripura.

He said on Tuesday that the ruling BJP has transformed India’s easternmost state into a “laboratory” for constructing a “one-party, fascist, and totalitarian dictatorship” in which the “Constitution of India does not work,”.

Furthermore, he claimed that the BJP has targeted all “peace-loving, secular, and democratic citizens” in Tripura and that if the lab experiment in Tripura succeeds, the dictatorial one-party model will be repeated across the country.

Sarkar alleged that in the months after the BJP was elected to power in Tripura, starvation and hunger have increased, crime against women has increased, and employment has decreased.

In addition, Sarkar said, “The onslaught against us began after March 2018, once the results of the assembly elections were published. Recently, the violence increased because BJP is panicking after our programs highlighting the government’s failures started getting huge response from the people,”.

Manik Sarkar was in Delhi, attempting to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Ram Nath Kovind to draw attention to the escalating violence in Tripura.

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