Assam: APDCL burdening by Rs 2,086 crore in arrears

The unpaid Rs 2,086-crore arrears dues are taking their toll on APDCL, despite achieving its monthly revenue collection target in the last 100 days (Assam Power Distribution Company Limited).

APDCL continues to lose money. “At the beginning of August this year, we had overdue dues of Rs 2,352 crore,” a top APDCL official said. After recovering Rs 267 crore, we’ve now reduced it to Rs 2,086 crore. We’ve taken steps, including imposing penalty for late electricity bill payments.

“Even now, only around 60% of all users pay their electricity bills on time. Outstanding arrears dues will continue to grow unless 90-100 percent of consumers pay their electricity bills on time. That, though, will take time.

“One of the primary reasons for the state’s power sector’s loss is power theft. However, we have taken strong efforts to combat this threat. In the last 100 days, we’ve undertaken 4,103 power theft drives. These campaigns resulted in 971 complaints being filed and Rs 3.29 crore in revenue being collected.