Assam: Rhino census to begin at Kaziranga National Park from March 26

Rhino census to begin at Kaziranga National Park from March 26

The state Forest Department announced on Wednesday that a census of the one-horned rhinoceros population in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park and Tiger Reserve will be conducted for three days starting March 26.

Moreover, two-thirds of the world’s population of the species lives in the Unesco World Heritage site in the north-eastern state.

Meanwhile, the ’14th Rhino Population Estimation 2022′ is scheduled to take place from March 26 to 28 in all ranges of the national park, according to Eastern Assam Wildlife Division Divisional Forest Officer Ramesh Kumar Gogoi.

As a result, all ranges will be closed to elephant safari for the three days, while jeep safari will be suspended in different ranges on different dates according to a schedule.

“The Rhino population estimation is a mandatory management practice and suspension of tourism activities during the period is necessary for the interest of the smooth conduct of the estimation,” Gogoi said.

However, the unicornis population was estimated to be 2,413 when the last rhino census was conducted in Kaziranga National Park in 2018.

According to the Assam Forest Department, the national park had 1,641 rhinos in 2018, with 793 females, 642 males, and 206 rhinos whose gender could not be determined.

Officials from the forest department, on the other hand, are hoping for an increase in the rhino population in this year’s census.

On the other hand, ‘controlled burning’ in the national park is required for a more accurate census of rhinos. The areas of Kohora, Bagori, Agortoli, and Burhapahar are undergoing controlled burning.

Furthermore, the park is home to elephants, wild water buffalo, and a variety of bird species in addition to one-horned rhinos and tigers. Dolphins from the Ganges River can also be found in the park’s rivers.

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