Courtesy of Gauhati HC; 2 elephants safely transported to Kaziranga National Park


Two elephants seized in April while being illegally transported from Arunachal Pradesh to Odisha via Assam have been transferred to Kaziranga National Park, where they will be supervised by the state’s forest and wildlife department. The decision was made in accordance with a Gauhati High Court order.

Lakhi Prasad and Hari Prasad are the jumbos. Tinsukia had given their custody to Chow Sonjit Pomong, the accused in the elephants’ illegal transportation case, as an additional sessions judge (number-2, FTC). The Gauhati High Court overturned the order and ordered the pachyderms to be relocated to Kaziranga National Park, where they will be monitored by the Assam Forest and Wildlife Department. As a result, the order has been carried out.