Assam: NIT Silchar alumni offers relief to Barak valley

During the extraordinary Covid-19 crisis, when the whole Barak valley was in desperate need of assistance to streamline the healthcare system and meet the fundamental requirements of the poor, ‘Niswarth Seva Barak’ (NSB), an organisation of NIT Silchar alumni, was immensely active.

When the pandemic reached the valley, there was an immediate need for a second PCR lab to be set up at Silchar Medical College to serve the region’s estimated population of 47,91,390 people.

Niswarth Sevak’s, with the help of SMCH officials, identified the urgent infrastructure need and assisted with fast-track fundraising of Rs. 1,160,665, which aided in the procurement and installation of equipment such as air conditioners, computers, printers, UPS, and generator sets in record time, completing the 2nd PCR lab and making it completely ready for public use.

According to the SMC, this enabled them to do 1500-2000 tests each day, which was a critical requirement at the second wave peak.