Padma Hazarika seeks Public Support for Dhalpur Agri Project in Mangaldai

The prompt action and presence of Dhalpur Agri Project chairman Padma Hazarika and police authorities assisted in preventing an unfortunate incident stemming from a deep-seated plot formed by a particular political group in the region.

A group of villagers began a violent dispute with farmers of the innovative project established by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday when they were involved with project operations. Padma Hazarika, a legislator, raced to the region after receiving the information and conducted a polite meeting with the locals, promising to examine their complaints and to involve the village’s young in the Dhalpur Project.

He also urged people from all walks of life not to believe rumors spread by a small group of political figures. He also reaffirmed the State Government’s commitment to protecting indigenous people’s interests.