Manipur : Demand for disqualification of BJP candidate; involvement with KRA

Lamtinthang Haokip, a contestant of the upcoming November 7 Assembly by-polls from Indian National Congress (INC), Saitu has urged Election Commission of India(ECI) to disqualify BJP candidate Ngamthang Haokip for involving forbidden group Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA) for campaigning in his favour..
Haokip in his letter to ECI said that the KRA cadres were freely roaming in the Saitu Assembly constituency and campaigning for the BJP candidate.
The Kuki Revolutionary Army (KRA), is currently under the Suspension of Operation (SoO) with the Central and State government. They made an attempt on his life recently claimed the Congress candidate.
Haokip added that they fired six rounds of bullets while he was campaigning at Kangchup Tuikun Village in Kangpokpi district on October 28.
The KRA threatened six other Congress supporters and also physically assaulted a Congress sub-committee chairman on the same night and stopped INC supporters from organizing a public rally in Leimakhong area.
Haokip asked to take prompt action against the KRA for their attempt to disrupt the election campaign.