Manipur : Journalist, activist criticizes BJP leaders; charged Under NSA

The Manipur government has charged Imphal-based journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem and political activist Erendro Leichombam under the National Security Act (BSA) over controversial facebook posts. Both of them were arrested on May 13.

Manipur BJP general secretary P Premananda Meetei and vice-president Usham Deban lodged a complaint against the duo after which they were arrested.

Wangkhem wrote in his post, “Santhi Sanyung na yadrabo, oh!!! RIP #Rashikang_Kangyet Hayeng Nga chaani.”

In English this roughly means, “Cow dung cow urine didn’t work. Groundless argument. Tomorrow I will eat fish.”

Activist Erendro, speaking wrote about Singh’s death as, “The cure for Corona is not cow dung & cow urine. The cure is science & commons sense. Professor ji RIP.”

On the night of May 17, the Imphal West District Magistrate Th. Kirankumar had passed two separate orders charging Wangkhem and Erendro under the Act, informed Manipur Government officials.

In his order, the district magistrate informed that since Wangkhem and Leichombam will most probably be released on bail shortly and would resume their activities that are detrimental to the state security and maintaining of public order, they must be prevented from executing such activities via an alternative preventive measure.