Manipur : Kuilong village panics after wild animals attack cows

A tiger pounced upon a herd of cows in a jungle near the Kuilong village, killing at least three of them. The incident has left the villagers in Tamenglong district of Manipur in panic.

A local resident of the village Dichambou Pamei, informed that the incident occured on July 6(Tuesday).

Pamei said, “This year, this is the first such incident reported. The wild animal’s pawprints were often spotted in the forest by the villagers. Last year, similar incidents were reported where the wild animal had killed four cattles in the forest”.

The village has only 37 houses with a small population in Tamei sub-division of the district.

Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh suspected of the presence of a Royal Bengal tiger in the mountainous forests. 

Based on investigation Singh said, “From the pugmarks which measured seven inches, it is deduced that the big cat could be a Royal Bengal tiger,”.

Compensation would be provided to the owners of the dead cows from the village Namsihou Panmei, Suipingbou Abonmai and Jailakiu. Singh informed that the government will support the district administration to track down the tiger.