Manipur : UNLF expels former chairman Khundongbam Pambei

The former chairman of rebel outfit United National Liberation Front (UNLF) in Manipur, Khundongbam Pambei has been expelled from the organization for his anti-party activities and counter-revolutionary charges.

During the second special General Assembly of the outfit which held at GHQ Neina Shang on 15 February, the Central Committee of the UNLF took this decision.

According to official statement, the action of expelling took place after an investigation on charges of eroding the unity of the UNLF, colluding with the enemy by leaking highly secretive official information and framing other leaders of the UNLF falsely. The former chief was claimed that he discriminated against cadres and soldiers of the UNLF to divide the party.

A Fact-Finding Commission investigated the charge against Pambei, as the Commission was constituted for the specific case and the prosecution witnesses for three months, the statement further said.

The outfit’s Central Committee invited Pambei to participate in the Assembly, but the former chairman did not participate which confirmed his guilt, said the statement.

“After the anti-party and counter-revolutionary charges were debated in the session, the second special General Assembly unanimously concluded that former chairman Kh Pambei is guilty of the said heinous crime,” the Central Committee of the outfit said in a statement.