Manipur: Ram Muivah (NPF) Releases Vision Document for Assembly Elections

Ram Muivah

On Sunday, Ram Muivah, Retd. IAS and Naga People’s Front candidate for the 12th Manipur Legislative Assembly, released a vision document at his Greenland, Ukhrul, residence office. Veronica Zingkhai, president of Tangkhul Shanao Long, was the special guest who presented the document (TSL).

The programme included members of NPF 44-Ukhrul (ST) AC headquarters, Rev Fr Mayopam Gabriel, Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Church, Catechist Robin Yangya, TSL, Tangkhul Naga Wungnao Long (TNWL), Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL), and the media.

With holy water, Father Gabriel performed a biblical ritual, blessing the programme and the candidate.

Chihanpam Sareo stated in his welcome address that the TNL president was unable to attend due to unavoidable circumstances and that they are grateful to Veronica Zingkhai, president of TSL, for agreeing to take his place. “I would like to welcome and every present here today on behalf of our respected Ramnganing Muivah, retired IAS also an NPF candidate for the forthcoming 12th Member of Legislative Assembly,” Chihanpam said.

In her speech, Veronica Zingkhai stated that the majority of people pronounce Ram Muiva’s name incorrectly and that we should correct this. She stated that there has been a lot of misunderstanding among CSOs (public leaders) and the media at times like this. “We don’t have a party,” she explained. We must be present in any programme that supports all Tangkhul citizens.”

She said that some leaders make promises they can’t keep when discussing Ram Muivah’s visions. When someone expresses their vision, it does not imply that they will achieve all of their goals. It is preferable to show the vision rather than make promises.

She then urged people and party members not to criticise or disparage other political parties, or to look for flaws in them in order to bring them down. She stated, “Moral assassination should be avoided.”

“I believe that his vision will not be limited to the Tangkhuls or his constituency,” she concluded. The constituency has no boundaries when it comes to serving people.”

On behalf of TSL and the CSOs, Veronica presented Ram Muivah with the Vision Document and wished him well.

Ram Muivah, who spoke at the event, thanked the programme moderator AR Mathing, Miss Manipur 2019, as well as the CSOs and everyone who attended the event.

“I want the whole Tangkhul to know my vision. Not everyone can show their vision but I have the courage to tell the whole world what is my vision for Ukhrul, my motherland”, he said.

“I am not promising to do all the vision but it will be my endeavor. It is not for my personal benefit that I am contesting for State assembly polls. I have been serving as an IAS officer for 35 years and retired in 2020. Since then GOI, GOM and even private sectors have offered a lot of place but I did not take them. I was planning to start a startup business with my two sons and give employment to hundreds of younger generations”, Ram said.

He stated that some of his friends approached him and asked him to run for office in the upcoming election, but that he did not accept right away. He said he was enlightened by a sense of mission as he pondered and prayed about the proposition.

Ram further said, “Our motherland have suffered a lot. From Muirei, Yangpokpi to Khayang, Phungdhar and Kachaophung, I have heard the cry of the farmers. I have seen it with my own eyes and I feel their pain”.

He then asked how our land, the “Jerusalem of Manipur,” Ukhrul, where Christianity and education first began, and where we were the only literate people in Manipur for 20 years, could be suffering so badly. We, like the Israelites, were the chosen ones.

He said he travelled to a lot of places during his time as Secretary of the NEC. Itanagar was a small town in the 1970s, much smaller than Ukhrul, but it is now ten times larger. In 1976, Gangtok was the size of Wino Bazaar; today, it is much larger than Ukhrul.

Our neighbouring countries are gaining independence. Arunachal was 40 years behind us when we arrived, and they are now 40 years ahead. This is because they receive 40,000 crores from the government as a statehood for a population of 14 lacs. This equates to 1 lac people receiving 1000 crore. While in Ukhrul, where the population is over 2 lakh, we are not even receiving 100 crores.

“Thinking of all this, I choose to compete in this election”, he maintained.

He also stated that he is not an ordinary or ordinary politician. He isn’t here to receive government plans to transform Ukhrul.

He said that while he is still strong he will serve his people. “I have only one mission: To serve the motherland”, he added.

Empowering women, youth, encouraging entrepreneurship among the youth, Human Resource Development, Ukhrul Town as a Smart City and Tourist Destination, and road development are just a few of his visions as an NPF candidate.

The programme came to a close with refreshments and opportunities for interaction.

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