Meghalaya : Govt rejects Rangmaw Hydel Power Project

The Meghalaya government with approval from the cabinet withdraws its contract to build the 65-MW, Rangmaw Hydel Power project.
The MoU was signed by the then Congress Government in the State with Sew Energy Limited in 2010.
Deputy Chief Minister, Prestone Tynsong stated that, the company claimed the power project to be “economically unfeasible.”
Now the State is left with 14 projects at different phases of implementation after the project was cancelled. The capacity of these power projects combined is 1594.05 MegaWatt.
According to the deputy chief minister, when the company started their ground work they found out that the project was not feasible at all.
The Deputy Chief Minister said,“The present government has also seen that it was not feasible. But you can’t help it the MoU has been signed and ultimately we considered cancellation of the MoU and fresh EoI will be floated”.