Mizoram Home Secretary urges for safety of Mizos

For ensuring safety of the Mizos in between the ongoing tension in the state, the Mizoram Home Secretary wrote to her Assam Correspondent.

Lalbiaksangi in a letter urged G D Tripathi to avoid any comeback action on Mizos residing in Assam.

The letter read, “I would like to request you to ensure the safety of Mizo communities living within Assam… as well as security of Mizoram House, Silchar, and the stranded highly inflammable trucks and tankers, the various Mission Compounds within Cachar, Karimganj and Hailakandi districts,”.

Following the death of 45-year-old Intazul Laskar, a resident of Cachar district, the condition turned critical when the Assam government claimed about his abduction.

Mizoram Officials stated of him being a drug peddler, who sustained injuries during his escape that lead to his died later.

The tension was less so far said, the liaison officer of Mizoram House at Silchar, Saizikpuii.

Fearing that the stress between might lead to a communal clash, few Mizoram residents fled to Jiribam in neighbouring Manipur, she said.