Mizoram : Truckers resume movement after security check

Movement of trucks carrying essential commodities and petroleum products to Kolasib district of Mizoram have resumed on Wednesday evening in the wake of the truckers’ association in Assam’s Cachar district after they decided to lift the economic blockade off.
In a meeting held earlier the decision was taken between representatives of truck drivers’ associations and the district administration of Cachar and Kolasib (Mizoram) at Lailapur along the interstate border of Assam and Mizoram.
The truckers’ association was requested by the Kolasib Deputy Commissioner to function goods trucks to Mizoram so that public do not face shortage of essential items.
Safety and security of the vehicles were assured by him. “No truck drivers and helpers would be subjected to any kind of harassment”, he said.
Security escort will also be provided for the trucks and other vehicles entering Mizoram, the Deputy Commissioner said.
Deputy inspector general of police, southern range, Dilip Kumar Dey said that
The representatives of truckers’ association who were unwilling to move their vehicles to the other side of the border for security reasons agreed to move their vehicles carrying essentials following after the Cachar district and police administration persuaded them, said Dilip Kumar Dey , Deputy inspector general of police, southern range.
Dey said that by the movement of trucks, Mizoram has assured withdrawal of their state police personnel from Assam’s territory soon.