14 Tribal Hohos oppose any schism among Naga political parties

14 Tribal Hohos oppose any schism among Naga political parties

Following reports of an impending split in a Naga Political Group (NPG) due to a schism among its leadership, the 14 Tribal Hobos of Nagaland stated categorically on Friday that they will not tolerate splits among Naga Political Group factions (NPGs).

In a statement released through their media cell, the 14 Tribal Hohos emphasised that when unity is the order of the day, any further divisions or differences between factions must be avoided. The 14 Tribal Hohos also stated that no new groups would be allowed to operate within their jurisdictions.
While acknowledging that there may be differences of opinion among the negotiating parties, the hohos emphasised that this should not be used to sabotage the negotiations with the Government of India (GoI) for a quick resolution.

The 14 Tribal Hohos warned in their statement that “if a peaceful settlement cannot be implemented as soon as possible, the Naga youths and our younger generation will be doomed to a very bleak future.”

Furthermore, the Hohos demanded that all NPG factions willingly join the negotiating table, leveraging the recent political development in Nagaland, in which all political parties came together to pave the way for an early solution, as desired by all Naga civil society groups.

While applauding the Naga Political Groups (NPGS) agreement, the 14 Tribal Hohos noted that Nagas have been fighting for more than seven decades, during which thousands of people have died, many have been imprisoned, and almost all Naga villages have been burned to the ground.

The Hohos, on the other hand, stated that Nagas have not given up hope for a new era in Nagaland’s history, and that Nagas scattered across many states have recognised the need for a peaceful settlement.

They claimed that after the NSCN (I-M) and then seven NNPGs took the initiative to hold peace talks with the Indian government, progress toward a quick resolution of the Naga issue was evident after many years of effort (GoI). In light of the foregoing, the Hohos urged all parties to come to the negotiating table in order to reach a peaceful resolution.

The Hohos also stated that while the integration of contiguous Naga-inhabited areas and independence would not be considered, as stated by the then-interlocutor RN Ravi, the agreement would cover the Nagas in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, and Manipur.


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