BJP capable and committed to resolve Sikkim’s pending issues: Chauhan

D.B. Chauhan, the state BJP president, said on Thursday that the BJP is capable and committed to resolving Sikkim’s pending political issues, such as Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation and tribal status for the left-out communities.

According to Chauhan, committees have been formed by the State BJP on these two issues, as well as the demand for the Karmapa’s entry into Sikkim, as directed by the party’s high command. He emphasised that the State BJP has been working on these issues by making representations to various forums and high-ranking BJP officials.

“The high-level committees formed on Wednesday would be deeply examining on why these issues have been unresolved for a long time. After this, the committees would approach the concerned ministries and agencies and initiate for a solution,” said the State BJP president.

Chauhan went on to say that the demands for Limboo-Tamang seat reservation and Sikkim’s left-out communities to be granted ST status are a Parliamentary matter that requires a majority in the legislature, which the BJP currently has. As a result, he said, the State BJP will take special steps to bring these issues before Parliament.

According to Chauhan, the State BJP would engage all stakeholders and, if necessary, bring the State government along to find a solution to these issues.

“Meanwhile, it has come to our attention that the high-level committees formed by the State BJP are being viewed by some sections as a time pass measure or in competition with other parties. We want to say that BJP is a national party running the government at the Centre with full majority. Taking advantage of this, these high-level committees will thoroughly study on why the two-decade long demands of Sikkim went unresolved. We will then take these demands to Union ministers and ministries concerned to seek a solution and want to show that Sikkim BJP is capable of resolving these long pending issues in coming days. On this, we will work with full sincerity to give justice to the Sikkimese society,” said the State BJP president.

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