Oldest paraglider from Sikkim; Dukmit Lepcha

82-year old Dukmit Lepcha has now become the oldest paraglider in Sikkim.
Dukmit Lepcha,an 82-year old, grandmother of three, paraglided in the open sky of Sikkim on October 28 from a paragliding point near the Aangi monastery at Ranka. Ranka is a small town located 20 kilometres away from Gangtok.
An elevation of about 4,500 feet she took a flight for six minutes, while her family cheered for her.
Lepcha said, “It was such a pleasant experience. I enjoyed it and I was not afraid. My 17-year old granddaughter went before me, but she was a little scared. I did not tremble at all because I wanted to know what it feels like to fly”.
She wants to do is cycling for her next adventure.
Earlier it was a 68-year old man registered by Sikkim Paragliding Association.