Sikkim : CM PS Golay launches Covid vaccination drive

Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang on the launch of Covid vaccination drive took to his social media account.
He wrote, “Today marks the start of our fight against COVID-19 and the journey towards being a COVID free nation with the nationwide administration of the vaccine. The day shall be remembered as a historic one and will set precedence for the other countries to witness.”
“For this purpose, I was pleased to join the Nation in witnessing the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s address to the country on this momentous occasion. The Hon’ble Prime Minister stated it as the largest vaccination drive in the world. He added that the scientific community worked tirelessly and selflessly to achieve this goal within a year which previously was impossible.”
He said, “I take this moment to congratulate everyone involved in the formulation of the vaccine and also applaud the Hon’ble Prime Minister’s decision to reserve the first phase for the health workers, frontline warriors who have been tirelessly carrying out their duties. The country is in the offence against the COVID virus with the formulation of the vaccine and hopefully, we will be COVID free soon.”
“Sikkim is well-equipped and has trained personnel who will be in charge of the vaccination process. I once again express my gratitude to the scientific community and everyone involved in the creation of the vaccine. I assure everyone on behalf of the Government on the safety of the vaccine and also inform that Dr Suresh Madan Rasaily is the first person in the State to be vaccinated and I express my appreciation towards him for opting to be the first person in the State to be vaccinated.”
“Lately, there has been a decrease in the number of COVID cases in Sikkim and with the vaccine, I believe we are on the right course towards being a COVID free State once again”, he concluded,