Sikkim : NH-10 inaccessible for a month in Gangtok

Vehicular movement has been put on hold between Deorali point to Titanic point on NH-10 at Gangtok by the Sikkim Government after an area of the road (about 40 metres) at Seesa Golai collapsed on June 1.

The landslide took place on the valley side, but if the sliding went any further then at least five to six buildings on the hill side would have came under, as reported.

It was claimed by the state’s roads and bridges department the foundation of the roads had become old. However, newer constructions were carried out on the valley side since few years, which might probably have lowered the foundation’s strength, it said.

Roads chief engineer KC Sharma said: “There is a need for an immediate restoration. A new protection wall will come up in the lower side of the hill where the landslide occurred. We don’t want to put a blame on the private construction down below but we will construct the road. The reason could also be the increased volume of traffic on the road.”

The landslide was surveyed by the disaster management teams along with officials of the district administration.

Meanwhile, legislator GT Dhungel said, “This is in a precarious state and is sinking. With the monsoon around, there is a chance of it falling again. The reason seems to be the construction on the valley side. The base might have been excavated or water seepage and some tremors of earthquake last month could be the reason.”