Sikkim : SPYF demands gets approval

Two of the demands placed by the Sikkim Progressive Youth Forum (SPYF) were approved by the state government.

State-run SNT buses to charge the usual fare while taxi fares to reduce not more than 1.3 times the usual fare with 1+3+3 seating terms, no restriction for pillion riders.

Protest against the demands of the youth organization was done, however, the SPYF accepted the request of the district administration’s for holding talks with driver organizations.

One of its members claimed, “Despite that, some drivers did fall into the trap of vested propaganda and rumours. Some drivers acted on behalf of some political parties to create unnecessary conflicts and violence. The Police too helped them by allowing them to rally in the place we were in the sit-in protest, allowing them to block the highways and by allowing them to advance slowly towards us,”

The dharna of the SPYF was called off on Friday.